June 27th, 2017

Review: Manhattan

★★★ Manhattan has ensconsed itself as a classic and in many ways is the quintessential Woody Allen film with its gorgeous visual style and Gershwin score. But despite being delightfully self-defeating and witty it is also emotionally and intellectually muddled.

Review: The Raid

★★★ The choreography in The Raid is among the most mind-blowingly fast-paced and intricate martial arts choreography you’ll see this side of a Jackie Chan movie, but with literally no story and almost every action movie cliché imaginable, it will appeal to existing martial arts action fans but offer little enticement to others.

Review: The Artist

★★★ The Artist is such an anomaly among the world’s current film output that I’m tempted to celebrate it for no other reason than it tries something a little different.

Review: Horrible Bosses

★★★ What would Office Space have been like if, instead of financially ripping off their “unholy disgusting pig of a boss”, the three under-appreciated office workers plotted to murder him instead? It might seem like laughs would be harder to come by when dealing with murder and not the comparatively harmless crime of embezzlement, but Horrible Bosses proves that devising a triple homicide can be fun after all.