June 26th, 2017

Roger Ebert’s best documentaries of 2011

Noted documentary-phile Roger Ebert has listed his 20 favourite documentaries of the year to go with his list of favourite feature films. Those who know Ebert’s favourite film of the 1990s will not be surprised by #1.

Roger Ebert’s best films of 2011

Roger Ebert has posted a list of his twenty favourite films of the year (sans documentaries): Making lists is not my favorite occupation. They inevitably inspire only reader complaints. Not once have I ever heard from a reader that my list was just fine, and they liked it. Yet an annual Best Ten list is […]

On criticism, blogging and entitlement

Film critics are an insecure lot. In the two weeks since I’ve been putting my own thoughts to (digital) paper here at Cinema Quest I’ve seen two local writers complain on Twitter about people not in the film criticism establishment attempting to critique film. The first was Anthony Morris, DVD editor of The Big Issue […]