June 27th, 2017

An open letter to Jim Schembri

Dear Jim, I could handle your “punking” of the “Twitterverse”, even if your outmoded use of buzzwords run into the ground eight years earlier suggested an inability to recognise how desperately unhip you are. In fact, I sympathised with you. I know what it’s like to be caught saying something you shouldn’t have online, and […]

Luke Buckmaster’s year-end wrap up

No prizes for guessing that these wouldn’t be enumerated, but Crikey‘s Luke Buckmaster has his year-end lists up: films, male performances and female performances. I haven’t begun to compile mine yet, but I think if I were to list my favourite performances of the year my picks would be very similar to his.

Luke Buckmaster on lists and star ratings

Further to my rant posted earlier today, I wasn’t aware that Luke Buckmaster has already written at length on his opinion of numbered lists and star ratings on his blog Cinetology: Ultimately all this feeds back to a simple truth: that numbers and evaluation of art do not make natural bedfellows. What’s the point in […]

On lists and star ratings

It’s now December, the month in which two mysterious and omnipresent beings magically appear: Christmas music at shopping centres, and the year-end top ten list. Big-hitters like TIME, New York magazine and Rolling Stone as well as local luminaries such as Quickflix’s Simon Miraudo have got in early to take full advantage of the link-baiting […]

When astro-turfing goes wrong: Surviving Georgia

Fantastic detective work from Glenn Dunks, who discovered the new (and poorly-received) Australian film Surviving Georgia quotes “TheGuardian.co.uk” as giving the film four stars, when in reality that rating came from a user who posted a comment to The Guardian‘s landing page for the film: “How do they get away with it? The same star […]