June 29th, 2017

Alex Cox: “Pirate a bunch of my stuff right away”

In an interview with The Quietus, Repo Man director Alex Cox looks back on his career and his tussles with the Hollywood machine:

Repo Man is coming out on Blu-ray but not here in the United States. Why?

AC: Universal Studios has an antipathy towards Repo Man and towards Walker. I don’t think they will ever bring out a good version in the US. I can’t understand why Universal won’t do a sequel given how much money they made off the original Repo Man. It’s an institutional animus. The kinds of people that get jobs in studios tend to be fearful of their superiors and that’s how they keep their jobs. The guys at Universal, even though they were 13 when Repo Man came out, they’ve been told by their superiors: ‘We don’t like that film’. And that’s the official attitude from generation to generation in the studio. They have an institutional animus which almost makes you think that corporations really could be people.

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