June 26th, 2017

Rob Sitch Q&A in Melbourne

Rob Sitch is making a special appearance at Melbourne’s Cinema Nova for a Q&A session and screening of the new Working Dog film Any Questions for Ben? on January 27th:

Join Rob as he shares some stories from behind-the scenes, talks about the joys of working on an Australian film, and tells us what is was like teaming up again with partners in crime Santo Cilauro and Tom Gleisner.

It’s been getting some awful reviews from advanced screenings, but now that The Muppets has been and gone Any Questions for Ben? is currently my most anticipated film.

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Bradley J. Dixon is a freelance writer and blogger from Melbourne.


  1. Ruth says:

    Ahhh, I’m hoping for the best with this film. I love Sitch and Working Dog. Frontline and The Hollowmen are awesome. Not sure I’ll be able to get to the Q and A though 🙁

    • Working Dog are great, but this movie doesn’t look to have anything in common with their previous work at all. Still, I’ll give it a fair go.

      Tom Gleisner will be at the Q&A as well. Win!

  2. Sarah says:

    So did you go to the Q&A? Or perhaps will you report on it with a review of “Any Questions for Ben?”?

    (Ooh I enjoy a good punctuation dilemma.. What to do about the double question mark..)

    • Unfortunately not, but I really wanted to. Though from all reports it was a pretty run-of-the-mill affair as Q&As go, so I’m not too shattered.

      Film titles with punctuation in them are almost, almost as irritating as ones which begin with a preposition. I’m with Hornby on that:

      My advice to young writers: never begin a title with a preposition, because you will find that it is impossible to utter or to write any sentence pertaining to your creation without sounding as if you have an especially pitiable stutter. ‘He wanted to talk to me about About a Boy.’ ‘What about About a Boy?’ ‘The thing about About a Boy…’ ‘Are you excited about About a Boy?’ And so on. I wonder if Steinbeck and his publishers got sick of it? “What do you think of Of Mice and Men? ‘I’ve just finished the first half of Of Mice and Men.’ ‘What’s the publication date of Of Mice and Men?’…Still, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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