June 25th, 2017

eFilmCritic’s quote whores of the year

Can’t believe I missed what is my favourite part of the end-of-year list mania: eFilmCritic‘s list of the year’s worst quote whores. A quote whore is a film “critic” (some would say “hack”) who seems interested only in getting their name on to film posters and trailers, often for truly awful movies.

Whore Week comes to a head at eFilmCritic today as we unleash our annual breakdown of the worst that junketeer, TV-centric, faceless radio voices and members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association have to offer. […] If the dumbest kid with the most limited vocabulary on the block wants to tell you how much they enjoyed Cars 2, you pat him on the head and send him out of the room so the adults can talk. It is time to send the next ten names out of the room for good.

I won’t spoil number one, but he’s a serial offender who called Bridesmaids “the funniest movie ever”, and then said Horrible Bosses is “the funniest comedy of the year”. How can they both be true?

(via Glenn Dunks)

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