June 25th, 2017

Surviving Georgia’s producer responds to astro-turfing allegations

The producer of the Australian film Surviving Georgia – which has attracted heat over the weekend for attempting to pass off an anonymous comment on The Guardian‘s website as coming from The Guardian itself – has told Encore that the incident was a mistake on the part of the film’s marketers:

When Encore suggested that attributing the quote to a publication such as The Guardian was deceptive to the public, McLaren claimed: “It was not The Guardian, but Guardian.co.uk. But we contacted The Guardian to let them know. I think, what’s occurred, is it’s been accredited wrong. We’ve had different marketing people at different times. Ultimately it’s our fault as producers to cross-reference, that’s where the responsibility lies.”

“We’ve now got plenty of great reviews. So it’s not like we need it.”

Most instances of the film’s trailer and poster have been corrected. The lesson appears to be: never leave a public relations firm in charge of your film’s promotion without oversight, especially not when eagle-eyed bloggers like Glenn Dunks are around.

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  1. Dave says:

    The writers/directors/producers of this film need to leave the filmmaking business. They’ve been busted for their shoddy marketing and they’ve sent the Aussie film industry back decades with that piece of shit that they call a movie.

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