June 25th, 2017

Margaret and David: Celebrating 25 Years

The ABC TV Blog has a lovely little Q&A with Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton:

What were your thoughts when you first met?

David: Margaret was my producer at SBS when I was hosting Movie Of The Week and Cinema Classics. She was quite a full-on producer – she wanted to change this and do that, which I didn’t like very much. So my initial meetings with Margaret weren’t particularly happy ones. Later on, I realised that she knew what she was doing because she knew television very well. Soon after, we started chatting about movies and the idea for The Movie Show was borne out of those chats.

Margaret: When I first tried to meet him, he just dismissed me – David can be a little stand-offish on occasions! [Laughs.] When I was his producer, I thought he didn’t like me at all. But I think from that moment he was so grateful to have a producer look after him that we became best buddies, and that happened pretty quickly because we had a love of film in common.

How many movies do you see a week?

David: As many as we have to. I see about 550 a year.

Margaret: It varies between 6 or 8, sometimes more a week. We go to a lot of screenings and we also get DVDs to watch. David watches more than I do. We go to a lot of the same screenings, but we usually don’t sit together (even if there’s a crush, we leave a seat between us).

I love the idea of Margaret and David fighting for an arm rest.

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