June 26th, 2017

Fro Design Co’s artwork for Chronicle

Remember when I said that Hollywood should start paying attention to some of the magnificent artists producing unofficial posters? 20th Century Fox gets it: Very excited to announce that Fro Design Co was recently commissioned by 20th Century Fox to design some promotional material for the new film Chronicle. Well, it’s a start.

Beyond the Uncanny Valley

Kevin Kelly: In the first few minutes of the Tin Tin, there is a momentary hesitation when you first see the face of the characters; a feeling they are just a bit shy of something. But that moment passes quickly and thereafter the humans (and animals) seem totally real. Their movements, skin texture, hair, expressions, […]


xanadusiasm: [zan-ah-doo-zee-az-uh’m] noun A passion for the 1980 musical fantasy, Xanadu, directed by Robert Greenwald (“My xanadusiasm for Xanadu is unmatched!)

Tom Clift’s best films of 2011

Spoiler: Tree of Life didn’t make the list: 2011, like all years, has been an enormous blend of films ranging from the good to the bad, the excellent to the atrocious, and of course, the atrociously overrated. For my money, no film has received more absurdly hyperbolic attention than the one sure to top many […]

Drunkards in cinema

The festive season has clearly affected Luke Buckmaster: Therefore, now is as good a time as any to rewind the clock to various eras of alcoholism in the cinema and cherry pick the finest drunkards film has to offer. When I first saw the title of his post I thought to myself, “if the millionaire […]

Fucking in Diamond Creek

Bob Ellis and David Williamson – yes, the Bob Ellis and David Williamson – engage in what can only be described as an articulately-expressed flame war in the comments section of a post on Ellis’s blog. (And the wonderful humourist Ben Pobjie makes a special appearance, too.) With each comment I found myself more and […]

NYTimes: The top 10 reasons to make (and love) top ten lists

My next-door neighbor Dave, for example, is not a music critic. He works for the U.S. Postal Service. But he’s a ferocious holder of opinions about music, and therefore he has made year-end lists since college. “It was almost like completing a mini-journal of the year that had just passed,” he told me. “Relistening to […]

eFilmCritic’s quote whores of the year

Can’t believe I missed what is my favourite part of the end-of-year list mania: eFilmCritic‘s list of the year’s worst quote whores. A quote whore is a film “critic” (some would say “hack”) who seems interested only in getting their name on to film posters and trailers, often for truly awful movies. Whore Week comes […]

Rich Haridy’s best films of 2011

Saving the best for last, Rich Haridy has shown up every other film blogger in Australia by producing a magnificently-edited video compilation to accompany his top ten.

Luke Buckmaster’s year-end wrap up

No prizes for guessing that these wouldn’t be enumerated, but Crikey‘s Luke Buckmaster has his year-end lists up: films, male performances and female performances. I haven’t begun to compile mine yet, but I think if I were to list my favourite performances of the year my picks would be very similar to his.