July 26th, 2017

Running the Scale

Lee Zachariah on that great time of year, moving out of awards season and into festival season: Stop going to see the same old shit like This Means War and Killer Elite and Safe House. Go to some festivals and see something that’ll make you glad you spent the money and the time.

Melbourne cinema façades, 1935–1954

Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria, a small photographic collection of theatre and cinema façades around Melbourne as they were in the 1930s, 40s and 50s:

Alex Cox: “Pirate a bunch of my stuff right away”

In an interview with The Quietus, Repo Man director Alex Cox looks back on his career and his tussles with the Hollywood machine: Repo Man is coming out on Blu-ray but not here in the United States. Why? AC: Universal Studios has an antipathy towards Repo Man and towards Walker. I don’t think they will […]

Red Dog wins undeserved award

Red Dog took home the Best Film gong at last night’s inaugural AACTA Awards, despite winning in no other category: Taking home the Best Film trophy, the pooch prevented Justin Kurzel‘s devastatingly brilliant Snowtown from a clean sweep. Snowtown won Best Direction (Justin Kurzel), Best Adapted Screenplay (Shaun Grant), Best Lead Actor (Daniel Henshall) and […]

For your consideration: Blackie

Martin Scorsese has a bone to pick: I have been cautioned against speaking out on this issue lest I create the appearance of churlishness. Well, I’m going to have to risk it. One recent morning, I turned on the television, and imagine my surprise when I heard the nominations for the first Golden Collar Awards […]

What Happened Last Night

Fascinating story on the perils of digital distribution from Melbourne’s Astor Theatre, which was scheduled to play Take Shelter last night before technical issues nearly got in the way. The key required to play the film’s digital cinema package (DCP) for some reason didn’t work, meaning that cinema staff had to call a London-based helpline […]

Rob Sitch Q&A in Melbourne

Rob Sitch is making a special appearance at Melbourne’s Cinema Nova for a Q&A session and screening of the new Working Dog film Any Questions for Ben? on January 27th: Join Rob as he shares some stories from behind-the scenes, talks about the joys of working on an Australian film, and tells us what is […]

How Stanley Kubrick invented the modern box office report (by accident)

Stanley Kubrick’s reputation for micromanaging business matters relating to his films is legendary, as this fascinating story by Mike Kaplan illustrates. Clockwork would be shown in standard cinemas as a quality platform release, which meant there were many options per city. I knew that Don Rugoff’s Cinema 1, the most prestigious cinema in New York, […]

Quentin Tarantino’s best films of 2011

Some pretty big surprises in his top 12.

Non-poster of the year

Hadn’t seen this until today, but this is hands-down the best advertisement for a film I’ve seen in years. (via Glenn Dunks.)