July 26th, 2017

An open letter to Jim Schembri

Dear Jim, I could handle your “punking” of the “Twitterverse”, even if your outmoded use of buzzwords run into the ground eight years earlier suggested an inability to recognise how desperately unhip you are. In fact, I sympathised with you. I know what it’s like to be caught saying something you shouldn’t have online, and […]

On lists and star ratings

It’s now December, the month in which two mysterious and omnipresent beings magically appear: Christmas music at shopping centres, and the year-end top ten list. Big-hitters like TIME, New York magazine and Rolling Stone as well as local luminaries such as Quickflix’s Simon Miraudo have got in early to take full advantage of the link-baiting […]

On credits

I may be alone here, but to me it seems people would prefer to be doing anything else than watching the end credits of a film. A movie finishes and suddenly the comforting atmosphere of the darkened theatre becomes more like the running of the bulls, with people clawing and gnawing their way to the […]

On censorship and A Serbian Film

This week the Australian film commentariat was rocked by the sensational banning of the controversial horror flick A Serbian Film, a full month after it was originally passed by the Australian government’s Classification Board and made available for purchase in Australian DVD stores. The Classification Review Board (an entity distinct from the Classification Board) determined […]

On Ed Catmull and the dawn of 3D computer animation

I am forever fascinated by films from the dawn of the motion picture, from a time when there was no such thing as a “movie”, and the creative and technologically-minded were dabbling in pure experimentation with no concept of film grammar, no standard framework on which to build their own stories, no such thing as […]

On criticism, blogging and entitlement

Film critics are an insecure lot. In the two weeks since I’ve been putting my own thoughts to (digital) paper here at Cinema Quest I’ve seen two local writers complain on Twitter about people not in the film criticism establishment attempting to critique film. The first was Anthony Morris, DVD editor of The Big Issue […]

On heroes, sports and Senna

Mia Freedman ignited a storm of controversy with her comments on the Today Show last week about Cadel Evans’ triumph at the Tour de France. If you haven’t seen it, take a look here: Essentially she said that while Evans’ win was undoubtedly a fantastic sporting achievement, she took issue with the fact that people […]