June 27th, 2017

Review: Killer Elite

★★ What a sad state of affairs it is when Robert De Niro’s name on a poster is an indication to stay away.

Blu-ray Review: The Hunter

Video: ★★★★
Audio: ★★★★
Special Features: ★★★☆
Verdict: ★★★★

Highly recommended.

DVD Review: Life in a Day

Video: ★★★
Audio: ★★★★
Special Features: ★★★☆
Verdict: ★★★☆


Review: The Artist

★★★ The Artist is such an anomaly among the world’s current film output that I’m tempted to celebrate it for no other reason than it tries something a little different.

Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

★★★★ A bleak, disquieting excursion to the dark reaches of a woman’s dissatisfaction, Martha Marcy May Marlene is a character study as boldly unrelenting as its tongue twister title.

Preview: Letterboxd, the social network for film geeks

Letterboxd is a film diary web app currently in private beta. Building upon services like GetGlue, Flixster and MUBI, with Letterboxd you can keep track of the films you’ve seen, what you thought of those films, and find recommendations for what to watch next, all while keeping up with your friends’ viewing habits with a Twitter-like following system.

Red Dog wins undeserved award

Red Dog took home the Best Film gong at last night’s inaugural AACTA Awards, despite winning in no other category: Taking home the Best Film trophy, the pooch prevented Justin Kurzel‘s devastatingly brilliant Snowtown from a clean sweep. Snowtown won Best Direction (Justin Kurzel), Best Adapted Screenplay (Shaun Grant), Best Lead Actor (Daniel Henshall) and […]

Ten episodes of The Muppet Show every movie buff should see

The Muppets was not only a great financial success worldwide, it also successfully rebooted a Muppets franchise which had lost its way in the 1990s with endless made-for-TV movies and muppet versions of popular tales such as A Christmas Carol and The Wizard of Oz. As Ricky Gervais once acerbically joked on his radio programme, […]

For your consideration: Blackie

Martin Scorsese has a bone to pick: I have been cautioned against speaking out on this issue lest I create the appearance of churlishness. Well, I’m going to have to risk it. One recent morning, I turned on the television, and imagine my surprise when I heard the nominations for the first Golden Collar Awards […]

What Happened Last Night

Fascinating story on the perils of digital distribution from Melbourne’s Astor Theatre, which was scheduled to play Take Shelter last night before technical issues nearly got in the way. The key required to play the film’s digital cinema package (DCP) for some reason didn’t work, meaning that cinema staff had to call a London-based helpline […]