June 27th, 2017

DVD ratings and recommendations

When reviewing DVDs and Blu-rays I provide a quick rundown of my thoughts on the film for those interested, but I do not give films a rating as part of my DVD reviews, nor do I take the film’s artistic quality into account when rating the DVD package as a whole. I’m interested only in the video transfer, A/V quality, special features and packaging, so take your own opinion of a film into account when reading my DVD recommendations.

One thing I dislike about some other DVD review websites is that a great film which receives an awful Blu-ray treatment can still get a rating averaged out to an overall three stars thanks to the brilliance of the film. But if I were a fan of that film and bought it on DVD thinking it was going to be three-star quality, I’d be in for a nasty surprise when I found that the DVD itself was actually a one-star package dragged up to three stars.

Hopefully you will find my DVD reviews informative even if we disagree on the merit of the film itself.

★★★★★ Must-have

★★★★ Highly recommended

★★★ Recommended

★★ Not recommended

★ Avoid at all costs