June 25th, 2017

Non-poster of the year

Hadn’t seen this until today, but this is hands-down the best advertisement for a film I’ve seen in years. (via Glenn Dunks.)

Fro Design Co’s artwork for Chronicle

Remember when I said that Hollywood should start paying attention to some of the magnificent artists producing unofficial posters? 20th Century Fox gets it: Very excited to announce that Fro Design Co was recently commissioned by 20th Century Fox to design some promotional material for the new film Chronicle. Well, it’s a start.

Review: The Muppets

★★★★☆ Frank Oz may find it disrespectful to the legacy he has been quietly cheapening for the past 20 years, but whether you’re a Muppet fan or not The Muppets is a must-see movie, and would make for a fitting close to the Muppet story if the Walt Disney Company had the foresight to quit while they’re ahead.

Beyond the Uncanny Valley

Kevin Kelly: In the first few minutes of the Tin Tin, there is a momentary hesitation when you first see the face of the characters; a feeling they are just a bit shy of something. But that moment passes quickly and thereafter the humans (and animals) seem totally real. Their movements, skin texture, hair, expressions, […]


xanadusiasm: [zan-ah-doo-zee-az-uh’m] noun A passion for the 1980 musical fantasy, Xanadu, directed by Robert Greenwald (“My xanadusiasm for Xanadu is unmatched!)

Tom Clift’s best films of 2011

Spoiler: Tree of Life didn’t make the list: 2011, like all years, has been an enormous blend of films ranging from the good to the bad, the excellent to the atrocious, and of course, the atrociously overrated. For my money, no film has received more absurdly hyperbolic attention than the one sure to top many […]

Drunkards in cinema

The festive season has clearly affected Luke Buckmaster: Therefore, now is as good a time as any to rewind the clock to various eras of alcoholism in the cinema and cherry pick the finest drunkards film has to offer. When I first saw the title of his post I thought to myself, “if the millionaire […]