June 29th, 2017

Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

★★☆ While its contrasting colour motifs and unsettling visuals are beautifully shot and emotionally evocative, behind the facade We Need to Talk About Kevin is as emotionally bereft and oppressively miserable as its titular character.

Review: Burning Man

★★★★ The first half-hour of Jonathan Teplitzky’s Burning Man is a frenetic series of excerpts from the life of Bondi chef, negligent father and all-round terrible human being Tom Kinnear (Matthew Goode), the jigsaw almost impossible to fit together because pieces jump forward and back through time and what little dialogue exists is naturalistic rather than expository.

Review: Moneyball

★★★☆ Adapting a book written by a finance journalist about sports statistics sounds like no easy task, but it’s made considerably easier when nestled amongst the DIPS, LIPS and PECOTAs of the book’s statistical analyses sits a classic Hollywood Bad News Bears rags-to-riches sporting tale.

On credits

I may be alone here, but to me it seems people would prefer to be doing anything else than watching the end credits of a film. A movie finishes and suddenly the comforting atmosphere of the darkened theatre becomes more like the running of the bulls, with people clawing and gnawing their way to the […]

1897 Melbourne Cup flipbook video

Amazing restoration of a century-old flipbook into a three-second film by the NFSA: “Video technicians put the newly digitised pictures together in the video edit suite to re‐create the animated effect experienced by flicking the real thing. In the initial version of the video, the images bob up and down more than the winning jockey, […]