June 29th, 2017

Review: Drive

★★★★★ A nameless, taciturn auto mechanic with a shadowy past and superhuman driving ability makes his money running getaway cars for robberies.

Review: Take Shelter

★★★★ Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon) is content, at least outwardly. His relationship with his family – wife Samantha (Jessica Chastain) and daughter Hannah (Tova Stewart) – is full of happiness, his job in construction pays well and gives him access to a great health insurance plan, and he works alongside his best mate using huge machinery to drill holes into the Earth. His daughter is deaf but they’re working on learning sign language and, thanks to his health insurance, she’s getting a bionic implant soon. There’s little more a man could ask for in financially and socially depressed America.

Margaret and David: Celebrating 25 Years

The ABC TV Blog has a lovely little Q&A with Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton: What were your thoughts when you first met? David: Margaret was my producer at SBS when I was hosting Movie Of The Week and Cinema Classics. She was quite a full-on producer – she wanted to change this and do […]

Review: Red State

★★★☆ It’s been a persistent criticism – or, at least, observation – of Kevin Smith that he isn’t a particularly visual director, and indeed the man himself has admitted in the past that he self-identifies as a writer first, and sees filmmaking as merely one mechanism by which he can get his stories told.

Behind the scenes

Angus R. Shamal has collected some great behind-the-scenes pictures from iconic films: “A selection of some of the most awesome Behind-the-scenes shots I’ve seen from some famous movies. Back when set designs were huge and hand made, when special effects where mechanical and photographic and film stars were risking their lives on the set.”

Ten great films without musical scores

I love a good film score. Some of the greatest music of the 20th century comes to us courtesy of composers like John Williams, Ennio Morricone and Anton Karas, and the perfect score can turn a good movie into a great one. Can you imagine Psycho‘s famous shower scene without Bernard Herrmann’s violent violins? Would […]

Charlie Kaufman on storytelling and Being John Malkovich

The brilliant Charlie Kaufman appears on The Guardian‘s website writing about how he got Being John Malkovich made, and offers a glimpse into his attitude towards writing: Storytelling is inherently dangerous. Consider a traumatic event in your life. Think about how you experienced it. Now think about how you told it to someone a year […]

Review: The Cup

★ Before reading this review, please take a few minutes to watch this clip from YouTube: Now, feel free to send me a letter of thanks because I have just saved you from spending 106 minutes and upwards of $15 on one of the worst Australian dramas you’re ever likely to see.

R.I.P. the movie camera: 1888–2011

Matt Zoller Seitz comments on reports that the three major manufacturers of cinematic film cameras have all, within the last year, ceased production in favour of digital: What this means is that, even though purists may continue to shoot movies on film, film itself will may become increasingly hard to come by, use, develop and […]

Surviving Georgia’s producer responds to astro-turfing allegations

The producer of the Australian film Surviving Georgia – which has attracted heat over the weekend for attempting to pass off an anonymous comment on The Guardian‘s website as coming from The Guardian itself – has told Encore that the incident was a mistake on the part of the film’s marketers: When Encore suggested that […]