June 29th, 2017

My experience watching Star Wars for the first time

What? A film blogger who hasn’t seen Star Wars?! Yes, it may surprise you to learn that despite spending 26 years watching thousands of films, I have never seen what is possibly the most well-known, obsessively-loved movie of all, George Lucas’ 1977 space epic Star Wars. I’ve seen Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece The Room dozens of […]

On censorship and A Serbian Film

This week the Australian film commentariat was rocked by the sensational banning of the controversial horror flick A Serbian Film, a full month after it was originally passed by the Australian government’s Classification Board and made available for purchase in Australian DVD stores. The Classification Review Board (an entity distinct from the Classification Board) determined […]

Ten comedic actors who turned dramatic

10. Ben Stiller in Greenberg After hosting his own highly-influential if little-seen television variety show (The Ben Stiller Show) in the early 1990s, Ben Stiller’s career as a comedic actor, writer and director steadily rose to the point where, in the early 21st century, he rivaled Will Ferrell for the title of most bankable comedic […]

On Ed Catmull and the dawn of 3D computer animation

I am forever fascinated by films from the dawn of the motion picture, from a time when there was no such thing as a “movie”, and the creative and technologically-minded were dabbling in pure experimentation with no concept of film grammar, no standard framework on which to build their own stories, no such thing as […]

Review: Face to Face

★★★★☆ It’s easy to describe in a sentence the plot of Michael Rymer’s new film Face to Face. What’s not quite so easy is to adequately explain how such a simple set-up makes for the best Australian film of 2011, but it’s all in the execution.

Review: Horrible Bosses

★★★ What would Office Space have been like if, instead of financially ripping off their “unholy disgusting pig of a boss”, the three under-appreciated office workers plotted to murder him instead? It might seem like laughs would be harder to come by when dealing with murder and not the comparatively harmless crime of embezzlement, but Horrible Bosses proves that devising a triple homicide can be fun after all.